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We bring to life all events wheather they are great or intimate in size. Events including conferences, concerts, and celebrations. Integrating all facets of design and logistics so you can have an amazing event, stress-free.


As a full-service production company we maintain a wide array of the latest in audio-visual technologies. Because we offer all areas of production services, we are able to effectively manage your event as one team. Our focus is client satisfaction. We take pride in going above and beyond the standard level of service from a typical audio-visual service provider. 


Not sure where to start? Are you on the right track or need a second opinion? Do you have a small budget and want to know the best way to use it? Send us your project ideas and plans, we will review the approach, ask pointed questions and make recommendations that ensure you save time, money and hassle. Our expert advice is not limited to companies in Las Vegas.

PAV Consultants have diverse backgrounds with extensive business and technical experience. Our Consultants work to develop and understand our client's needs by analyzing the client's expectations to create a practical budget. We develop a detailed plan based upon each case or situational requirements and work within your economic needs and restraints. 

Houses of Worship

PAV is a Faith-Based Company and  your one stop shop for all you House of Worship needs from installations to production of worship services. We specialized in live productions, Audio Reinforcement, Video projection, Lighting and Set design. If it is new construction or an upgrade we can get the job done right the first time. Houses of worship require a delicate balance of preserving architectural design and the need for modern, innovative audiovisual systems. We assist in keeping the proper aesthetics and atmosphere in your worship center while integrating new audio systems, intelligent lighting and interactive video systems.


We will work closely with you, your architect or board to ensure your needs are properly met. Upon completion of your system our team will provide you with complete documentation and training for your members to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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